Should I Continue My Series?

Here’s a great question I got recently from a fan. If a writer’s first book isn’t the best but is the beginning of a series, should the writer continue with the series? I’ve learned a lot from the reviews of my book. I re-edited once according to these reviews, but I’ve decided to step awayContinue reading “Should I Continue My Series?”

Successful Authors Don’t Know What They’re Doing, part two

Yesterday we discussed the very frustrating reality that many successful authors admit they don’t know why they are successful. Luckily, I have some ideas. Let’s explore them together. The lesson I take from the big authors who profess that they don’t know what they’re doing, that they don’t know why they are successful, is they’reContinue reading “Successful Authors Don’t Know What They’re Doing, part two”

How Do You Tighten Your Story?

Since I tend to be long winded in my stories, I’m sensitive to it when somebody (fellow author, critique partner – hopefully not the fans) says a piece needs to be tightened up. Visually, some readers just see a long paragraph and get tired. Even lots of medium-long sections might be too much. Are readersContinue reading “How Do You Tighten Your Story?”

Successful Authors Don’t Know What They’re Doing, part one

I can’t tell you how many posts and articles I’ve read by established authors who make a living writing books who basically say they don’t know what they’re doing. Wendig just did it again, and he does it a lot. Stephen King did it in On Writing. They all do it! Do what? Made theContinue reading “Successful Authors Don’t Know What They’re Doing, part one”

What Author’s Style Do You Admire The Most?

I get asked this sometimes, so here’s my answer. From now on I can copy paste, I guess. What author’s style do you admire the most? For me, it’s Mark Twain. Lame, right? Yawn. How many of us were forced to read Tom Sawyer in school? And why does a book tend to suck whenContinue reading “What Author’s Style Do You Admire The Most?”

Character Descriptions

My friend Jenny did a great piece on character description, called Building Character, HERE I tend to not describe my characters, not so the reader can imagine them as the reader wants, as some have suggested I do, and complimented me for doing. I’m lazy. And sometimes I just forget. Allow me to explain.Continue reading “Character Descriptions”

Painting With Words

We recently talked about expressing feelings in your stories HERE One thing I’m constantly telling new writers is to show what’s happening to the reader, don’t just tell the reader it happened. That’s what people mean when they say “show, don’t tell.” When it comes to emotions, that’s harder, so I ask them: HowContinue reading “Painting With Words”