Should I Work With Other Authors?

By being successful, you will immediately be accepted by all other authors.



Equally, you will be despised. Authors are a jealous bunch. We love you until you are selling better than we are, then we are insanely jealous and want to kill you – even though we love you – and we will enjoy seeing your blood dripping down the walls.

Oops, did I just say that out loud?
Oops, did I just say that out loud?

As for me, I couldn’t care less what other authors think of me; they aren’t usually the people who buy my books. I care what my fans think of me. But you and I may have different circumstances.


So, with the understanding that they don’t matter, really, be friends with other authors and win them over! Life’s more fun with friends. Invite them over and show their work to people. If you want a friend, be one. People will help you the more you help them, blah, blah, blah. But it works, and it can open doors, too.


Remember in “Pumping Iron” that Arnold Scwarzenegger said he helped Lou Ferigno with body building advice before competitions – but he admits, sometimes he gave him good advice, sometimes he gave him not so good advice. He messed with Lou’s head! Other authors will do that, too. They’re only human, (most of them). Take advice, but be wary. Because they want to help you, but they want to kill you.


Do the other things that most authors don’t do, like go to conferences or so signings or book fairs, or get on radio shows to be interviewed. Then have another party just afterward, so you can nonchalantly brag about it. Then, as they reach for the knives in their pockets, you innocently laugh because they never suspected the hors d’euvres were poisoned.


And now YOU are the only author in town, instantly Number 1.


Fans matter, not other authors, per se. Be friendly and find a few you can trust. Work hard and do what the others won’t. And as you become successful, they will embrace you.


Even though they want to kill you.


I loved your new book.
I loved your new book.

So, you know, watch yourself.






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