Writer’s Conferences – are they for YOU?

You see conferences posted all the time, and a lot of them just seem like a way to separate you from your money. And pry you out of your writer hole to interact with other human beings. The horror. Occasionally, though, there are some good conferences that are worth attending. We’ve discussed other author events,Continue reading “Writer’s Conferences – are they for YOU?”

When What You’ve Written… is CRAP!

Recently we talked about writing better stories (HERE) https://savvystories.wordpress.com/2015/06/07/writing-better-stories-part-1/?preview_id=784 But sometimes you just write crap! You read it, and it’s terrible. You’re one of those people now. “Yesterday, I wrote the same paragraph over and over until it was perfect. Today I looked at it and it was shit.” What then? I actually had thatContinue reading “When What You’ve Written… is CRAP!”

Songs of Life and Stories of… well, life, too.

The other night as I was trying to fall asleep at 3 AM after a huge writing binge (of which I’m particularly proud), there was a commercial on TV for some old ‘60s records. Maybe they were ‘70s I don’t know. Oldies though. They played a snippet of a song that I never really knewContinue reading “Songs of Life and Stories of… well, life, too.”

The Real F word: Writing FEELINGs Into Your Characters

On occasion I’ll share a critique or a letter from a critique partner. The names of the writer and the story have been changed so I don’t have to give them credit for writing my blog for me. Learn about why you should join a critique group HERE https://savvystories.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/why-you-should-join-a-critique-group-you-arrogant-sob/ Dear Dan,   Some of myContinue reading “The Real F word: Writing FEELINGs Into Your Characters”

Should I Hire An Editor?

People ask me all the time, “Should I Hire An Editor?” Yes. And no. There, that’s settled. Different people have different needs, so let’s explore the options. You and another author friend are coming up on your editing phase, and both of you want to hire editors – which is a decision I respect. AContinue reading “Should I Hire An Editor?”

A Tip Of The Hat To Sara Given and “It’s Like They Know Us”

As part of her Father’s Day Special, Sara Given asked me and some other authors to make quirky captions for dad-related pictures. Sara is known for mocking the idyllic family images often used in ads to set unrealistic standards for normal people.) You can check out the rest of them here. Mine got 60 LikesContinue reading “A Tip Of The Hat To Sara Given and “It’s Like They Know Us””

My First Father’s Day

from the book: Savvy Stories: funny things I learned from my daughter http://geni.us/1FKm My daughter is FIVE now! Here’s my recollection of that very first, very special Father’s Day. (The pictures are just a few faves of me and my kid to date.) Enjoy. In June came my first Father’s Day. In anticipation of it,Continue reading “My First Father’s Day”

New Author Profile: Jenny Allen

Jenny Allen is an amazing talent. I met her in a critique group because I wanted some female eyes to look at a story I was working on. Yet another reason to join a critique group.  More on that HERE  She had written a fantasy story – I hate fantasies – and I grudgingly returnedContinue reading “New Author Profile: Jenny Allen”