Interview With Bestselling Author Dan Alatorre

The fine folks over at Writers Interview were kind enough to talk to me about one of my books. Click the link for the full article. Here’s a sample. Today we are interviewing Dan Alatorre, author of “Savvy Stories: Funny Things I Learned From My Daughter.“Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a Best-SellingContinue reading “Interview With Bestselling Author Dan Alatorre”


INDIE AUTHORS Would you be interested in doing a video interview to help promote your book? Or is being seen too scary? I’m not talking infomercial, I’m talking Tonight Show style, where we talk about a few things and have fun and discus your book at the end. I think it would be fun. …Continue reading “INDIE AUTHORS DOING VIDEOS? Like with … people?”

A Selected Passage From The Upcoming Romantic Comedy “Poggibonsi”

Tuscany is one of the few places on earth where the brochures don’t look as nice as the actual scenery. Barbados is another. The Crane mansion overlooking the beach in Barbados is fabled to be a piece of heaven that fell to earth.   Tuscany is the other piece.   The weather turned windy andContinue reading “A Selected Passage From The Upcoming Romantic Comedy “Poggibonsi””

A Thanksgiving Story To Brighten Your Day

Every year at Thanksgiving, when we were kids, my whole family would assemble for a long day of playing football in the back yard, followed by a fantastic, huge Thanksgiving feast. All of the neighborhood kids will remember the great football games, because it was an annual occasion where, regardless of age, brothers and sistersContinue reading “A Thanksgiving Story To Brighten Your Day”

The Sting Of A Few Bad Reviews

I think a lot of writers don’t publish their work because they fear failure, embarrassment, bad reviews… For them, the timid, being afraid is the right choice. The only way you can guarantee not getting a bad review is to never publish. So you have to ask yourself: can I accept the fact that thereContinue reading “The Sting Of A Few Bad Reviews”