How Do You Write Text Conversations In Your Story?

Supposed you have two characters in a story that are texting back and forth to each other. Like people do in real life, only with the boring parts removed. HOW DO YOU WRITE THAT? I’ve seen it at least three different ways, and each one looks wrong. I tried this (excerpt from my upcoming comedyContinue reading “How Do You Write Text Conversations In Your Story?”

Writing challenge! 7 things about my writing…

Here’s a simple, fun challenge for a Sunday: list 7 things about your writing. You can use the examples below or do your own. Have fun, get creative, go crazy. And be honest; we all might learn something! Post yours here as a reply and then copy it to your own blog with a link toContinue reading “Writing challenge! 7 things about my writing…”

Grill Fight: How I lost My Grille

In the old days, we had a tiny grill right outside the back door. In the summertime, you could barely get out there and flip a burger and get back in the house without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. But when we added the pool, the screen enclosure made all that space into living areaContinue reading “Grill Fight: How I lost My Grille”

Tips For New Authors: Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The Computer

We all get great ideas but there isn’t always have a great way of writing them down – but why risk letting a great idea get away? After you place pens and notepads everywhere including one in a plastic sandwich bag taped to the shower door, what more can you do? Glad you asked. YouContinue reading “Tips For New Authors: Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The Computer”

Tips For New Authors: Don’t Get Distracted – Unless

There’s nothing wrong with banging away at the keyboard on your Great American Novel and suddenly getting a hot new idea – and veering off to write a few thousand words on it. Or 5000. …Or 25 pages… It happens to all of us. Take your inspiration when it comes. But be disciplined. Create aContinue reading “Tips For New Authors: Don’t Get Distracted – Unless”

An Angel On Her Shoulder – a paranormal story sample

I had prepared for the death of my mother for years, and yet when it came, when I returned to the church I grew up in and saw her gold colored coffin, when I heard her favorite song, the Ave Maria, being sung… I cried like a baby. I sobbed uncontrollably and unashamedly. I weptContinue reading “An Angel On Her Shoulder – a paranormal story sample”

Learn To Embrace Whatever Success Comes Your Way

I have a friend who is an author who wanted to write novels about spiritual and cerebral topics. He tried screenwriting for Hollywood as part of pursuing that dream. His success came when he did a how-to book and a companion online course. He made a comment during a video interview that the how-to bookContinue reading “Learn To Embrace Whatever Success Comes Your Way”