WAIT for the punchline: Strippers Sue San Diego Police

To protect and Serve? 30 strippers are suing San Diego police for violating their rights during “licensing inspections.” Oh, this has gotta be good, right? I bet there’s a line out the police station door on strip club inspection day. Nobody calls in sick. The strippers were “nearly nude” (strippers? Nearly nude?) when their picturesContinue reading “WAIT for the punchline: Strippers Sue San Diego Police”

white flags on Brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is considered a terrorist target, so New York has 24/7 security, and video surveillance. Yesterday, somebody climbed up and replaced the huge American flags on top of the bridge with white flags. An insult to America? A political statement? Vandalism? These are 20’x11’ long flags – big! To do this, someone blockedContinue reading “white flags on Brooklyn bridge”

The Dead Man Who Reached Over And Tickled Me

As the father of a four-year-old, I am no stranger to tickling. But it’s fair to say I don’t get tickled very often by anyone other than my daughter or my wife. My dad will be visiting in a week. The opportunity might present itself for him to tickle me, I suppose, but that’s aboutContinue reading “The Dead Man Who Reached Over And Tickled Me”