Amazing interview “Authors Helping Authors” by Megan Cyrulewski

Megan interviewed Ankit and I as our book bounced around the #2 spot (on its way to #1). She is very upbeat and funny, and she does the research before the meeting that a lot of interviewers don’t do – that makes her stuff special, and a lot more fun. A BIG THANK youContinue reading “Amazing interview “Authors Helping Authors” by Megan Cyrulewski”

We’re Number 1 – bestseller!!!

After a lot of emails and Facebook posts and begging on Twitter and posting here on my blog, the fans have spoken. We are #1 on for our new cookbook “35 Great Recipes You Wish Your mother Made” Thank you, fans! #1 Bestseller in American Southern Cooking #1 Paid #1 Free #1 Hot NewContinue reading “We’re Number 1 – bestseller!!!”

Help! Help us get to #1 on Amazon! We are SO CLOSE!!!

We need your help!   Our little cookbook of “family favorites” recipes is currently ranked #2 on Amazon, so we need some more of you to step up and spend a buck to help us get to the #1 spot! (the book is priced at 99 cents)   Then you can say, “I am friendsContinue reading “Help! Help us get to #1 on Amazon! We are SO CLOSE!!!”

#5 on nationwide! Grab it for 99 cents before it goes to $3.49 Tuesday!

From Our Families to Yours.. We’ve put together 35 of our most amazing family favorites for you! Let me tell you a secret about making restaurant-quality recipes at home: some foods are meant to be enjoyed. For once, forget those fancy diets and ‘healthy’ fasts. There will be new ones everyday. Allow us to helpContinue reading “#5 on nationwide! Grab it for 99 cents before it goes to $3.49 Tuesday!”

Our newest book is live on Amazon

My latest book is now “35 Great Recipes You Wish Your Mother Made” has gone live on! This book will soon retail for $3.49, but it is available to friends and family NOW for just 99 cents so we can get reviews. I was able to team up with best-selling author AnkitContinue reading “Our newest book is live on Amazon”


I’ve been working on Audiobooks recently. What a fun exercise. You get to listen to hundreds of male and female voices to narrate your book. That alone is interesting, hearing all these different people read all these different selections…poetry, dramatic speeches, informational messages… but when they switch from reading their prepared samples and start readingContinue reading “Audiobooks!”