There’s No Such Thing As A Quick Trip To BuyMart

“Savvy needs a leotard for her gymnastics class.”

I wonder if every conversation between a husband and a wife starts with a statement by her, followed by a question from him.


“A leotard,” my wife explained. “Savvy needs one for her gymnastics class tomorrow. Can you pick one up for her?”

I wonder if every family task starts with the wife procrastinating until the last minute, followed by a frenzied panic for the husband to complete the task before the looming deadline. And taking the blame if the task fails.

I had absolutely no idea, zero, as to where to buy a leotard, and I said so. I figured Savvy would go to gymnastics class in a t-shirt and shorts. It was good enough for our backyard.

“I’ve been looking at some online,” Michele went on, “but they are pretty expensive. I thought maybe we’d get her a cheap one for a while, to see if she’s going to stick with this gymnastics thing, before dropping $40 on a leotard she’s going to outgrow in three months.”

“What am I supposed to get, and where am I going to find it?” I asked, secretly hoping the emphasis on my lack of leotard knowledge would get me out of this errand. I didn’t want to go shopping, and I definitely didn’t want to go leotard shopping. That sounded like it would involve lots of trying on things in dressing rooms, standing around in the women’s department… These are just not fun things for a guy.

But the deadline was looming and my wife was unexpectedly called into an all-day meeting across town, so she couldn’t do it. It was up to me.

Now, I have no expertise in leotards. I have seen some on the Olympic gymnasts on TV, but that’s about it. And having seen them on TV, I thought that leotards look a lot like… bathing suits! Which we have!

“Can she just wear one of her swimsuits?” I offered, preparing my list of good reasons: we already have swimsuits, they look a lot like leotards, just less sparkly; the other little girls in the class won’t notice… That question was barely out of my mouth when it was immediately shot down.

“She can not wear a swimsuit,” came my wife’s immediate reply, like I was from another planet. “I was thinking BuyMart probably has some sort of Danskins, and that we could probably skate by with that for a few weeks until we see if she’s going to stick with it…”

She went on, but I had tuned out.

I would be taking my daughter shopping.



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