An Angel On Her Shoulder, selected passage

I had prepared for the death of my mother for years, and yet when it came, when I returned to the church I grew up in and saw her gold colored coffin, when I heard her favorite song, the Ave Maria, being sung… I cried like a baby. I sobbed uncontrollably and unashamedly. I weptContinue reading “An Angel On Her Shoulder, selected passage”

A Quick Trip To BuyMart, continued

 The next clerk pointed to the end cap by a wall display. “We have some dance leggings and tights right over there,” she says, pointing to a big pink poster of a girl doing ballet. Bingo.  Ignoring the rubber boots that have now made their way into our cart, I push Savvy over to theContinue reading “A Quick Trip To BuyMart, continued”

what is cancer

“What is cancer, Daddy?” What? Where did THAT come from? “What did you say, honey?” I ask. “What is cancer?” She’s three. Three and a half, really, but much too young to be asking about that… “Well,” I begin… “There are these tiny little things like building blocks called ‘cells’ in your body, that makeContinue reading “what is cancer”

There’s No Such Thing As A Quick Trip To BuyMart

“Savvy needs a leotard for her gymnastics class.” I wonder if every conversation between a husband and a wife starts with a statement by her, followed by a question from him. “What?” “A leotard,” my wife explained. “Savvy needs one for her gymnastics class tomorrow. Can you pick one up for her?” I wonder ifContinue reading “There’s No Such Thing As A Quick Trip To BuyMart”

Hugs – an excerpt from “Fourthcoming,” the 4th Savvy Stories book

 These days, whenever my daughter Savvy scampers off to the bathroom, my wife and I pay attention. At age three-going-on-four, she can pretty much handle a trip to the potty without assistance from us, but it’s still a good idea to keep your ears alert. She still needs help wiping her rear end after aContinue reading “Hugs – an excerpt from “Fourthcoming,” the 4th Savvy Stories book”